Things to consider when buying a Printer in 2022

Things to consider when buying a Printer in 2022

Buying a printer in 2022 is not easy. Printer shopping may be a hard task; there are a lot of choices. So it turns difficult to locate the proper model. Read our guide and take some time to determine your need and your usage to come to decision.

Look at the Things to consider when buying a Printer in 2022:

Check for WiFi connectivity :

If you want to print something directly from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet, such as from a desktop computer, a WiFi-enabled printer enables hassle-free file transfers. Connect the above devices with a memory card or cable.


Some printers are designed to print photos on the front USB port. These allow you to print directly from your camera or flash drive. This eliminates the need to first transfer the file to your computer.


Bluetooth as the technical standard for short-range wireless data transmission has replaced WiFi and is not standard in today’s printers. Bluetooth is useful when you want to use your printer wirelessly without WiFi.


The difference between a web-enabled printer and a WiFi-enabled printer is not that big. Both are because you can print wirelessly from your tablet or smartphone. Web connectivity options mean that even the cheapest model options cost a little more.

Print Quality:

Print quality is measured in DPI (dots per inch) (dots per inch square). The higher the DPI, the more detailed the output. The DPI depends on the model and the print mode you use.

Memory Card Printing:

Insert the memory card of your digital camera, tablet, or smartphone into the printer and print directly using the photo index sheet you print first or select the built-in LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) to print. A printer with a memory card slot is convenient.

Paper size:

The paper size required for the printer depends on the intended use of the printer. Photo printers are optimized for standard photo print sizes, but you need an A4 printer to print documents and photos. If you want to print posters and large images, you need an A3 printer for graphic designers and photographers. It tends to be more expensive than its A4 counterpart and occupies more desk space.

Ink Types:

In the long run, ink prices are higher than printers, so the type of ink your printer uses is the most important thing to consider when making a purchase.


We hope the purchasing guide above will definitely help you choose the best printer for your usage.

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