Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Used Guitar

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Used Guitar

Whether you’re new to the guitar or a seasoned player. There comes a time when you have to decide what kind of guitar you want to buy. The first decision is whether you want an acoustic or electric. Once you’ve made this decision, your next step is to think about buying a used guitar or a new one.

Major Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Used Guitar:

Buying used is almost always less expensive than buying new— that is, if you know what to look for and what to avoid.

Here, we guide you through the process and tell you exactly how to buy a used guitar-

Ask the about model of guitar-

While buying a used guitar you should be careful. Always ask about the model of the guitar and the years they have used it. This way you can do some research on it and ask other people their opinions about the guitar you want to buy. You can also find out if the asking price is a fair one. Buying a used guitar is a lot easier if you already know a little bit about the type of guitar being sold.

Check the condition of the guitar-

Ask the seller how long they’ve had the guitar and what repairs or maintenance it has had. Make sure to check properly the guitar. And If the seller is honest with you he will tell you about the scratches, or any default in the guitar.

Test the guitar, if possible-

Used to be the only places to pick up used guitars were from music stores, flea markets, or from the hands of friends looking for some quick cash. Today we also have the Internet and sites like eBay and Craigslist. While any shopkeeper is taking the second-hand guitar, he will check it properly and repair it all. If you are buying it from online stores or by any second person. Go in person to check out a guitar before buying it, if possible.

Make sure the guitar feels comfortable in your hands-

Guitars vary in size and shape and come in various depths and neck widths. You want to be able to hold the guitar properly so each arm and hand can perform the required movements correctly and comfortably. Make sure the guitar “fits” you. Watch for signs of hand fatigue and finger strain as you test it out. Some fretboards might be too wide for your hand, which will require extra stretching that could lead to tendinitis. Comfort is key.

But walk away if-

The flipside of the previous tip is that not all faults on used guitars can be economically repaired. So, what should you look out for? Steve Drennan, veteran tech at Yamaha’s London store, says necks can be a dangerous area.

“Ultimately, it’s about the condition of the timbers – things like machine heads and even broken headstocks can be rectified as well. But on some older guitars you’ll find the neck has bowed or developed an S-shape,” Steve explains, referring to a distortion of the neck similar to the effect you would get if you gripped a plastic ruler by either end and twisted in opposite directions. “The cost of trying to correct that is just not worth the guitar.”

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