Things to keep in mind while you go on a long bike ride

Things to keep in mind while you go on a long bike ride

1. Wear proper riding gear during 

Before heading out onto the open road, its body well to ensure you have all the riding gear during a long bike ride, which provides safety in case of accidents. These include durable pants to withstand any weather, a full-faced helmet, an abrasion-resistant jacket, riding boots which protect your feet and ankles, and gloves for additional protection.

2. Do not overeat

First-time bikers make the mistake of overeating up before their long bike rides, which leaves them tired during the journey. Therefore, we suggest keeping your first meal light and ensure you eat light during the breaks as well.

3. Stay hydrated

While drinking less water is a common mistake, during your long bike ride, you must ensure you stay hydrated. Dehydration not only causes fatigue but also leads to headaches and nausea, which can compromise your riding ability.

4. Maintain optimum tyre pressure

The thing you want during your long bike ride is high pressure in your tyres derailing your plan. Therefore, it is necessary that you plan and pump in just the right amount of air for the tyres, which can act as a shock absorber on bad roads. In humid climates, tyres expand because of the hot air which can make the ride bumpy and uncomfortable.

5. Carry a first aid kit

The best counter against injuries that might sustain while riding your two-wheeler is a first aid kit. It can help in case of minor scratches and scruffs. Include an anti-fungal powder to prevent rashes because of sweating.

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Read the above tips carefully.

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