Things To Know Before You Buy A Washing Machine

Things To Know Before You Buy A Washing Machine

Washing machines are one of the most essential life-changing and time-saving inventions of our time. Washing machines wash your clothes without applying any physical effort. You don’t have to rub your clothes with your hands and squeeze them hard to drain them. All you have to put your laundry into the washing machine and follow the instructions. Based on the selected wash mode it will distribute its time among washing, rinsing, and drying. Here, in this article, we shall discuss Things You Must Know Before You Buy A Washing Machine.

Drawbacks of Washing by Hands

Most of the laundry detergents and liquids have fragrances like roses or jasmine. But its smell is not natural it is only due to the chemicals present in it. These chemicals can cause rashes and skin irritations.
During my childhood, I saw my mother washing clothes by her hand. As of excessive washing, she got skin irritation due to harmful chemicals present in laundry detergent.

Types of Washing Machines


These are basic entry-level machines. It has two separate tubs for washing and drying. To wash your clothes you should first fill the washing tub with water. Then put your clothes for washing and select the wash mode. Once washing is finished, you have to manually shift the clothes into the drying tub. It needs more manual effort than a fully automatic washing machine.


In a fully-automatic washing machine, there is only one tub to perform both washing and drying. You need to provide a fixed water connection. You only need to add detergent and clothes, the rest will be taken care of by machine. It will adjust the water levels for wash, rinse, and drying. You relax or watch your favorite TV show or can even go shopping.
Fully-automatic washing machines have the latest technologies and advanced features. The only concern is that it is more expensive than a semi-automatic washing machine. And requires a fixed water supply for operation.

5 Factors to Consider before you Buy a Washing Machine


It is measured by the amount of laundry it can wash in one cycle. If the drum is not filled up to its capacity then it will waste both electricity and water. Also, you should fill the drum space up to 75% for the best washing result. So, you should consider the number of people in your family and also the frequency of your washing.

Wash Cycle

These are various wash programs by which your washing machine performs its job. You can even customize and save your favorite wash programs.

Some common wash programs are delicate, synthetic, hand washes, cotton, and many more.

RPM (Revolution Per Minute)

The higher the RPM the faster the drying of clothes.

Temperature Control

Generally, washing machines have three options to select the temperature.
  • Cold: It uses cold water to wash your clothes. It is for those items which might shrink or leave dye. Also, it is for delicate, dark, and bright fabrics.
  • Warm: This is for jeans, bedsheets, knits, towels, cotton, and linens.
  • Hot: It uses hot water to wash your clothes. It removes detergent residues, odor, and bacteria from clothes. Hot wash helps to remove hard stains. But, the extra hot water could shrink, damage, or fade some fabric types.

Energy Efficiency

You should select the most energy-efficient washing machine. Every electronics appliances have an energy rating. It varies from 1 -5 stars. Along with selecting the star for energy efficiency. You should also follow some basic practices which will help you to reduce the energy cost.

  • Try to use cold water to wash your load ( It need extra energy to heat the water)
  • Washing a full load will help to utilities water and energy efficiently.
  • Try to use the lowest water level as per load.

Where to Buy A Washing Machine?

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