Things To Know Before You Start Doing Yoga

Things To Know Before You Start Doing Yoga

If you are thinking to start doing yoga in 2022, you have plenty of company. Yoga is much more than a trendy way to exercise, which is mostly what it’s known as in the west. And, while the yoga images make it look quite difficult, you don’t need a specific body type or level of flexibility to practice it.

In reality, there are a lot of misconceptions about yoga. And, knowing the facts before unfurling your mat for the first time can help you appropriately honor its origins and make the most of your experience.

Hear from what our experts have to say. Here, we’ll discuss things you need to know before you start doing yoga. Here, we’ll try to cover the important and oft-overlooked history of yoga, plus what type of movements to expect, what to wear, how to choose a beginner-friendly yoga class, basic etiquette, and more.

So, what is there to wait for? Let’s begin!

Tips On How To Start Doing Yoga

Yoga – A Journey much more than Fitness

Experts say that Yoga is a philosophy of how to live well by transforming yourself and how you experience daily life with all of its ups and downs. Classical yoga—called Raja yoga—includes eight limbs or kinds of practice. Together, all eight practices comprise yoga, which means “unity” or “yoke” in Sanskrit. In general, the Western practice of yoga mostly emphasizes just one of the eight connected limbs—asana, the physical limb which means “seat” or “pose” in Sanskrit. As mentioned, many yoga classes in India focus primarily on just the asana part of yoga. So while you may enjoy a class that’s focused on giving you a great workout, and reap certain benefits.

No need to have a certain level of Flexibility

When you search yoga on the internet, you’ll see images of people in designer leggings twisting their bodies into complex poses and balancing in ways that seem to defy the laws of gravity. These images can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never before tried yoga and perhaps have limited flexibility. Experts say, in reality, anyone at all can practice yoga. Anyone can step on a yoga mat as long as they have an open mind and heart to try something new without judgment or expectation.

How Can We Help?

We’ve tried to briefly discuss the benefits of start doing yoga, tried to burst some misconceptions, and have tried to discuss things you should know before you try it out. However, if you still face challenges, why don’t you hire a yoga instructor? Let’s see how?

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Choosing to start doing yoga, made simple!

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