Things To Look For Before Buying A Used Laptop

Things To Look For Before Buying A Used Laptop

As schools and colleges have started online classes due to the pandemic, more and more families have found it necessary to buy their first computing devices, ideally a laptop. But for many lower-middle-class households, buying a new laptop is difficult. However, for them buying a used laptop could be a better option.

While buying a used laptop could be a more sensible option, it involves risks, pertaining to the device’s condition. But worry not! We’ve got you covered as always. Here, we present to you things that you need to consider before buying a used laptop.

So, what is there to wait for? Let’s begin!

Things-To-Know Before Buying A Used Laptop

Think about your Needs

Before buying a used laptop on any online platform, think about what you need from the notebook? Different people have different needs. While a business professional settles for a good RAM, processor, and storage, a child taking homeschooling might not need those specs. However, keep in mind that the minimum requirement you should go for is an i3 processor, at least 4GB RAM, and at least 500GB of storage.

Research for the Right Price

Pre-owned laptops can save you a lot of money. But, you should not be impulsive in making your final decision. You should do proper research. Before you finalize the deal, compare the quoted price with the price of a brand-new laptop with similar specifications. If you’re buying a used laptop over a year old for a price that’s closer to the new model, the deal isn’t worth it because you will end up losing on warranty.

Check the Battery & the Power Adapter

You should always ask the seller about the battery health of the laptop. This is an important aspect because new laptops do not have replaceable batteries. Just remember that replacement batteries are usually expensive or even impossible to get. Also, examine if the laptop battery charges properly and doesn’t drain too quickly.

Check Display & Keyboard

Check the screen carefully. Look out for dead pixels, flickering, or spots on the screen. Open YouTube and watch a video, this will help you check if the display is comfortable to watch. This is important as you might have to use the laptop for work, where you will have to look at the screen for hours. If you find a fault on the screen, do not compromise. In addition, you should also check how the keyboard and touchpad work? Check for broken or missing keys. Type it and feel the response time.

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