Things You Must Consider Before Buying A Sport Bike

Things You Must Consider Before Buying A Sport Bike

So, after so much of argument with your parents that you are a sensible rider, you can control a proper sport bike and you will not ride fast and going through a lot of missions, your parents agreed and you are ready to buy a sports bike and make a hole in their pocket but it’s not that easy. When you want to buy a sportbike you must consider many other things that are eventually going to affect your life directly or indirectly.

Proper Riding Gears

Even before you buy your bike, head towards buying safety gear first, at least get a certified helmet, jacket, gloves, and boots. Every time wear these safety gears before getting on your bike because it is dangerous riding a motorcycle and there is always a risk of an accident. You are going to buy a sportbike, so spending 10% of the cost of the bike on riding gears should not be a big deal, after all, it’s a matter of life and death.

Sport Bike For Beginners

You rode a commuter 150cc bike or 150cc sports bike and you think you are an awesome, sensible rider and you are ready to jump on a 4-cylinder Yamaha R6, R1, or Hayabusa, so let me tell you that you have a huge misconception and you might going to injure yourself. Here is a list of bikes that are considered good for beginner’s sportbike and the best part is they are all now available in India- Kawasaki Ninja 300, KTM RC390, Hyosung GT250R, and Benelli TNT 300 are few to name.

Don’t Luck On Displacement Motorcycles

Do you know someone who rides a 600-1000cc inline-4 as a beginner? Your first sportbike is for learning to be a skilled, capable rider, jumping on a 600cc or 1000cc directly makes the risk of an accident very high, and even if you don’t crash, you’re going to be reckless and awful at riding. There is no successful racer who has started from 600cc and above sports bike.

Think About Yourself

The process of riding a motorcycle is just like climbing a ladder. You just can’t get on top without going step by step, so it looks and your friends making fun of you is all you are concerned about leaving this hobby. You are buying a motorcycle to learn and to be a good rider so that you can go step by step to a higher capacity machine, so think about yourself rather than impressing people and your friends.

Not Your Last Sportbike

If you think that going for a twin-cylinder will make you bore soon and it will lose its charm soon. Think like, this is not your last bike. Riding needs a lot of skill. If you’re buying it to have fun, learn every bit of riding. Riding is not something which you do for your convenience. You get wet when it rains, you feel frozen when the weather is cold, you feel hot when it’s hot.

Second-Hand Sport Bike Is More Sensible

We will give you the two best reasons to choose a second-hand bike over a brand new one. Unless you have money to throw away, buy a used bike:

  • You can sell it off after a year at the same price.
  • You are going to drop the bike. This happens with riders. Then, you are going to feel really bad about getting a scratch or dent in a brand-new bike. So, go and buy a second-hand Sportbike. A second-hand Sportbike will cost you less than the brand-new one.

Where To Buy Your First Sport Bike?

OVX India is one of India’s Largest Upcoming Online Marketplace which you can access from anywhere in India. Just Log on to OVX India and navigate to Bike under categories and provide a location, to begin with. The page takes you to a list of vendors willing to sell their sportbike at an affordable price and much cheaper than a brand-new one. Keep what we’ve discussed in mind and choose out the option that best suits you.

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