Things you should know for selling a used phone

Things you should know for selling a used phone

Want to buy a new mobile phone? You should. Technology is getting smarter now and then; so you should also upgrade your level to catch up with the world. But, is it enough to buy a new mobile phone? Safe selling of your used mobile phone is equally requisite. There are quite a few things that you have to take care of before handing over your phone to a new user or a company. This seems a hectic task to perform but it is as important as protecting your valuables.

Here, are a list of things you should follow for selling a used phone

Backup your mobile phone data-

If you rely mostly on Google apps on your Android smartphone, there should not be much issue transferring data from one Android device to another. All your contacts are already backed up with your Google account which you used to signup while setting up this device.

Encrypt and factory data reset your phone-

Here comes a no-returning point,” Factory Reset”, which will erase all your phone’s data permanently. So before moving to this step make sure you have performed the first step successfully and secured your all data to a safe place. To perform Factory Reset on an Android Device, you simply have to go to Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset. It’s just a few minutes process.

Remove SD Card & SIM from your phone-

Safely remove your SD Card and SIM is also important as it contains a lot of precious personal data in it which you would surely not want to lose. Removing SIM and SD cards vary from phone model to model. If you face any problem in removing it, see the manual guide or call the company’s customer care executive for the safe removal.

Be detailed and honest-

There are two types of buyers: those who know what they are looking for and those who browse to see what could convince them. Regardless of which kind of customer you sell to, it’s always helpful to be as detailed as possible. Don’t lie about your product’s condition or capabilities — be honest! These person-to-person transactions rely on trust. If I ever notice a seller lies about something, as insignificant as it may seem, chances are he is willing to lie about more important things too, and I won’t continue dealing with him.

 Time is money-

Remember, the smartphone market moves amazingly fast these days. Most flagship smartphones are considered old in just a few months, so be quick about selling phones. The longer you wait, the further your phone’s value will swirl down the drain.

 Looks matter-

The truth is I’m less likely to buy a phone when I see bad photos of a dirty device. It just makes you wonder how much the previous owner treated the phone if the images he’s using to sell it show dirt and smudges. It’s an uncomfortable sight, so please clean the device thoroughly and try to take the nicest pictures you can. We’re sure this will help you get more possible buyers.

Where to sell phones

Now that you know the fundamentals of internet selling etiquette, it’s time you go ahead and put that phone online. Here are our favorite platforms for selling phones is GETEZO. You can easily sell your used phone on GETEZO.

How Can Getezo Help?

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