Tips On How To Sell Your Motorcycle To Someone

Tips On How To Sell Your Motorcycle To Someone

Do you want to sell your motorcycle? If yes, you have come to the right place. However, there are certain things that one has to keep in mind before you put your motorcycle for sale and make the final deal. These factors could be unknown to ones who possess very little knowledge when it comes to bike. This could be daunting. Worry not! We’ve got you covered. Here we’ll discuss various tips that will help you and let you know about the various factors before you do so.

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How To Sell Your Motorcycle?


  1. Start your motorcycle, make sure it runs smoothly and is mechanically fit. Consider having a mechanic check the bike over and provide a receipt to share with possible buyers.
  2. Many buyers prefer motorcycles left in stock form. If you’ve added personalized pieces, replace them with the original stock parts, or make the original parts you removed available with the sale.
  3. Thoroughly clean and detail your motorcycle.
  4. Take photos of your bike against an uncluttered background and from different angles. You’ll also want to take photos of the bike’s mileage and any damage it has.

Determine the Resale Value

You may want to check pricing guides, like Red Book, or online motorcycle forums. Remember to be realistic about the price you’re asking for. Potential buyers will probably want to negotiate your price. Be ready with the lowest offer figure. Or, if you don’t want to negotiate, list the price as “firm” in the sales listing.

Safe Test Drive

You may not want a potential buyer’s coming to your home or knowing where you live. Instead, pick a safe, public location like the parking lot of a local business. You can also check with your local police department to see if they offer their parking lot as a safe place to conduct these meetings.

Test driving a motorcycle is a little different than test driving a car because you likely can’t ride along with the potential buyer. That’s why many people say have money in hand before you allow any test rides. This may include some type of written and signed sales agreement stating if the potential buyer isn’t satisfied after the test drive, and the motorcycle isn’t damaged, the money will be refunded. Always make sure the person test driving your bike is licensed and experienced.

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Know how to sell your motorcycle in simple ways!

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