Tips To Select The Best Vehicle Shampoo For Your Car

Tips To Select The Best Vehicle Shampoo For Your Car

Tips to select the best vehicle shampoo for your car are essential to keep your car paint gleaming. You may think that washing your car is useless when you can get a professional wash. But the truth is that washing a car takes less than an hour and it can save a good amount of money yearly. If dust and mud often get deposited on your car then it’s a good idea to take care of your car yourself. If you wash, you can be 100% assured since you will be buying the right products and accessories. You should first buy a good vehicle shampoo. Make sure the shampoo you buy is gentle on your car paintwork and is compatible. 

See how to select the best vehicle shampoo for your car:-

Ingredients you must look for

If you want your car to have a showroom-type finish, you should buy a vehicle shampoo with wax. Waxes assist car shampoo by giving a bright shine. If your vehicle shampoo comes without wax then you should buy one, it will give top protection to your car. 

How much should vehicle shampoo cost

It usually depends, when you buy a car shampoo, you should estimate how much quantity it will need for each wash. Go for the ones with high concentration since they would need only a small quantity. Few shampoos need 10 times more liquid to lather up which can prove expensive in long run. 

How to use a Vehicle Shampoo 

First, rinse your car, try to get rid of as much dust and mud as possible. It will decrease the chances of scratches later on. Dilute the shampoo and apply in the right quantity, don’t overuse it will not give a better result. Now, you should use a soft sponge to apply shampoo from the top to bottom. Washing wheels should go at last to avoid any scratches from wheel dirt. After this, you should completely rinse the foam with water and dry it using a drying cloth or leather-made for drying vehicle paintwork. Then comes the wax part, excited to give sparking shine to your car, wait don’t over-apply, use little quantity, and apply with a soft cloth or wax applicator, Your car is ready to shine as new. Now, go and buy good vehicle shampoo for your car. 

How can GETEZO help you?

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