Tooth Decay Prevention: 5 Dental Care Tips to Follow

Tooth Decay Prevention: 5 Dental Care Tips to Follow

From a child to an adult who doesn’t love to eat chocolates or candies..? Somehow we are all in love with candies, chocolates, cakes, and other sugary items. All these things taste good but they can damage our tooth enamel and can cause tooth decay. It is very common in children as they skip brushing at time and do not follow any hygiene habits. But not only children, sometimes elders also spoil teeth due to unhygienic dental habits. These unhygienic habits can lead to the fall out of our teeth too.

Tooth Decay is damage to the tooth surface or its enamel. This happens when bad bacteria in the mouth release acid and it attacks enamel, also the main cause of tooth damage. You can prevent tooth decay and decrease the risk of many cavity-related diseases by following some dental care tips.

6 Dental Care Tips to Follow:

Brush Regularly

Brushing two times a day is very important to protect the tooth from cavities. Brushing in the night before sleep time can kill the bacteria which are going to produce acid in our mouth overnight. Your toothpaste should contain fluoride because it helps in preventing bacterial growth in our mouths and also decreases the production of bacterial acid too.

Use Mouth Wash

If you are very habitual of eating sugary items you can also go for a good mouth wash that contains fluoride after brushing both times. Mouth wash has many benefits to our mouth as it also kills some harmful bacteria too.

Regular Checkup to Dentist

Brushing and mouth washing two times are good but you shouldn’t take any risks with your tooth health. It is very important to have a regular checkup with the dentist. The dentist will guide you properly and inform you about the condition of the tooth. So, you can take care of your tooth accordingly.

Eat tooth-healthy foods

For taking care of the health of the tooth you need to go for a hygienic and nutritionally healthy diet. Eating tooth-healthy foods will is good for your tooth and also take care of your digestive system.

Drink fluoridated water

In many cities tap water is fluoridated so you can go for drinking it. If your tap water is not good or hygienic, you can go for normal fluoridated water as it promotes saliva production in the mouth and also kills many harmful bacteria. Also, promotes healthy digestion.

Consider an anti-bacterial treatment

If you are already suffering from tooth decay or cavities you can choose to have an anti-bacterial treatment. Which is basically an antibiotic treatment and helps to kill the harmful bacteria and clean your mouth. The treatment basically is of Penicillin class.

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