Top 5 Best Job Resume Writing Tips

Top 5 Best Job Resume Writing Tips

In today’s competitive market, it is important for your resume to stand out and make an impact when hiring an executive. However, not through the solar system’s dazzling explosions, scented stationery, or cosmic font colors. Whether you’re looking to accelerate your career in accounting or finance, or simply update your resume for future reference, the following tips provide a strategic approach to leverage your experience and avoid the classic resume inaccuracies. Here are the top 5 best job resume writing tips.

1. The layout and format is important

Avoid borders and creative fonts that distract from the actual content. Select a traditional font that is easy to read and preferably black type against white paper. Increasing the font size of your name and the companies you’ve worked for will create enough creative movement, yet maintain professionalism.

2. You have 15-20 seconds to shine

Hiring managers will quickly skim your resume and highlight your key achievements and most relevant skills at the top of your resume to capture their attention quickly and ensure that your resume is evaluated at a high level. Do it. Summary statements are often combined with clichés such as; Motivated, hardworking, and enthusiastic, etc., so it is essential to keep this section on target and concise. Limit the use of paragraph-style writing by using bullet points, which are visually effective and easy to read. A long narrative isn’t necessary unless, of course, you’re pitching a potential best-selling novel.

3. List your experience in reverse chronological format

Hiring managers prefer resumes in chronological format, listing your current or most recent job first, working backward. Company’s full name, industry, size, and whether they are publicly or privately listed. Next, list the title of your position and your achievements. A lapse in employment attracts immediate attention and is often a cause for concern. If so, rearrange your employment history to reflect work relevance instead.

4. Customize your resume for each position.

In addition to your cover letter, your summary statement should align with the job you are applying for. State immediately what position you are applying for and avoid generic words and prepare your resume to reflect your experience for the position.

5. Quantify your accomplishments

This is by far the most important element on your resume. By demonstrating the value you can bring to a company, your resume becomes significantly more attractive to hiring managers. Identify appropriate metrics and instead of listing responsibilities, include professional achievements that are value-added and specific to each role. Highlight the numbers, include a percentage increase, and determine how you’ve reduced spending.

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