Top 5 Important Photography Tips for Beginners

Top 5 Important Photography Tips for Beginners

Photography is a way of capturing our most pleasant memories to share or describe stories to someone. Whether you are a mom-to-be and want to capture the best exquisite experience of your life and want to save the growing moments of your baby. Or are you planning a trip to a dramatic location with lots of picture opportunities? Photos are what hold your captivating moments for lifetime.

To capture the moments of your life you must know how to take good pictures. If you are also a beginner or want to photograph your photos then you must need to learn some tips about it. To solve your problem of clicking good pictures, we are sharing some tips with you.

6 Important photography tips you should follow:

Remove Camera Shake

Camera shake is the single most important reason our photos are thrown off. One of the major causes of camera shake is low shutter speed or clicking pictures in low lighting.

In order to remove it, you can turn on camera stabilization and find this on the lens (IS system on Canon lenses, for instance) or in the camera sensor. It will sense the camera movement and try to null it.

Try to Avoid Pop-Up Flash

A pop-up flash is aimed directly at the face, produces harsh light and you have very little control over how it burns except for a few limited options.

They cast harsh shadows and give your images a flat, unflattering look. Their flash power is not strong enough even for night photography. One of the few times to use your pop-up flash is to add a little fill light to outdoor photography.

Simple Background is equal to Better Portrait

The most common thing you should consider for good photography is simple background. Keeping a simple background will elevate the look of your pictures. You can go for a natural background or can choose black or white as it will enhance the look of the portrait.

Check the ISO Before You Start Shooting

Changing the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) setting on your camera changes the sensitivity of the image sensor to light inside it. The lower the number you choose, the less sensitive the sensor is to light (and vice versa the higher the number the more sensitive it becomes).

This is useful when you’re shooting in different lighting conditions – especially when there’s low light and you may not be able to use the flash (in which case you’ll bump up your ISO setting).

Play with perspective

Playing with perspective means choosing different angles to click great pictures. Here, are different techniques you can choose from:

  • Shoot at your subject
  • Shoot up to your subject
  • Use fewer viewpoints to create depth
  • Shoot from the hip

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