Try These Methods to Remove Yellow Stains From Ac

Try These Methods to Remove Yellow Stains From Ac

Nowadays AC is being used in every house. It is one of the most essential electronic things in summer. However, due to daily use, it gets dirty very quickly. Many times you must have seen that yellow stains fall on it. It looks very bad to see, not only this, even after cleaning many times, these stains do not go away completely. When ACs get old, you often get to see this kind of problem.

If you are also seeing yellow stains on your AC and it is not going away even after wiping with water, then you need to try other methods. Actually, there are many such things in the house, which are used as homemade cleaners. You can use it to remove the yellow stains present on the AC. So let’s know how the yellow stain of AC can be removed.

Remove Yellow Stains With Alcohol

If there is a yellow stain on the AC, then you can use alcohol to remove it. Take alcohol in a bowl and dip a cloth in it. Now wipe the AC part thoroughly with this cloth. If it is not visible even after applying once, then wipe it again with alcohol. After this, if dust and soil are sticking around, then clean it with the help of liquid soap and an old brush. Your AC will be clearly visible.

Use of Expired Astringent

Instead of throwing away the expired astringent, you can use it. Actually, you can use it to remove the yellow stains on the AC. First, wipe the AC with a normal wet cloth, so that the dust and soil stuck in it becomes a little soft. This will make it easier to remove the yellowness. Now dip the expired astringent in a cloth and then rub the upper part of the AC with it and wipe it. This will remove the yellowness and will look absolutely clean.

Use Bleach

Bleach can also be used to remove yellowing from white ACs. For this, mix 1 teaspoon of bleach in a cup of water. Now apply this solution on the AC and then leave it for 1 or 2 hours. During this, cover the AC with a plastic paper. Now after 2 hours, prepare a solution of soap and water to clean the bleach and then apply it on the AC. However, do not forget to wear gloves and test your hands before using bleach. It may damage the plastic part of the AC. So you must first test and check.

Use of Hydrogen Peroxide

You can do hydrogen peroxide to remove the yellowness present in the ACs. For this, take out hydrogen peroxide in a bowl and apply it to the AC with the help of a brush. Now wrap it with plastic paper and keep it in the sun for an hour or two. After two hours, now remove the plastic paper and wipe it again with normal water. Make sure to wear gloves while using chemical-rich cleaners.

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