Try This Color Combination While Doing a Manicure

Try This Color Combination While Doing a Manicure

Manicure not only makes your nails look beautiful, but it also helps in boosting your mood. You might have noticed that whenever you are depressed and if you do manicures or nail art at that time, it feels good. It is not necessary that you go to the parlor every time to do a manicure, if you want, it can be done very easily at home too. However, while doing manicures, you have to pay special attention to the color combination.

Apart from the design in nail art, color selection plays a very important role. If you choose such colors, which complement each other, then the look of simple design also emerges. At the same time, if you choose the wrong color, then even a great nail art design does not make your nails look that beautiful. So today in this article, we are telling you about some such color combinations, which can prove to be a good idea for a manicure-

Gold With Royal Blue Color

If you are making nail art designs for a special function, then you can apply gold with dark royal blue color. While applying this color combination, try to take blue as the base color and then make a cute design with gold color. If glitter is selected in gold too, then the look of your nails is enhanced.

White With Custard Tone Color

The black color with white is a classy combination. You can easily carry it from your outfit to your nails. But if you want to select color options other than black, then you can apply custard or skin color along with white. This color combination looks very special and can choose this color combination in day-to-day life.

Black With Metallic Tone Color

Like white, if you are using black as a base color, then you can select some metallic colors along with black. If you are a beginner and want to carry classy nail art at the party then apply metallic color with black. By doing this you will not need to make a separate design separately. You simply apply these two colors on different nails very easily. After this, your nails will look very nice.

Lavender With Peach Color

Lavender and peach colors also complement each other. Especially, if you are making a beautiful design on the nails, then you can apply lavender as the base color on the nails and then do French nail art with peach color. This will give an elegant look to your nails.

Light Pink With Gold Color

If you want to give a smart look to your nails in a simple way, then you can apply a light pink color as a base color on your nails. After this, you can apply glitter gold color on one of the nails. Apart from this, you can also create different designs from the gold color after applying the light pink color to the base.

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