Visit Chopta Tungnath for just Rs 3000, plan itinerary like this

Visit Chopta Tungnath for just Rs 3000, plan itinerary like this

If you are thinking of going on a trek for your next trip, then you can do the Chopta Tungnath trek. Situated in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand state, this place shows amazing panoramic views. The beauty of this place will refresh your body and mind. It is popular for its lush green bugyalas (green meadows). The second reason for its popularity is the Tungnath Temple, which is the largest Shiva temple in the world and one of the five Kedars. If you want to experience peace between mountains and nature without any hindrance, then you must trek here. Although the gates of the temple are still closed in view of the deteriorating situation from Corona, despite that, it can be visited here. One is located in a remote area, so you may have to work a little hard to reach here. We are going to tell you the complete details of how to reach here and what to do.

1. Best Time To Visit Chopta Tungnath

If you are planning to visit Chopta, then you can choose these two seasons, winters and summers. Avoid going here during the monsoon season. It can be visited in the month of September to November. These months are perfect to see the clear and beautiful views of the mountains as soon as the monsoon ends. Snow falls here at this time and the snow cover makes the view more captivating. At the same time, the months of May to July are good to visit here in summer. During this, the flowers of red, pink, and white flowers add to these plains.

2. Activities to do in Chopta Tungnath

Deoria Tal Trek :

You can enjoy trekking here. Two and a half kilometers away from here is the whole village, this place is popular because of Deoria Tal. You can go on this short trek. Deoria Tal is situated at 2438 meters above sea level. It will take you 2-3 hours to do this trek.

Chopta Tungnath Trek:

The most popular trek is Tungnath situated at an altitude of 3680 meters above sea level. The trek is 3 km up and you will find lush green meadows on the way. You can see a wide range of snow-capped Himalayas. Tungnath is an ancient temple, which is said to have existed for more than 1000 years and from here you can see the Mandakini and Alaknanda River Valley.

Baniyakund Camp:

You can enjoy camping here. Baniyakund is 4 km from Chopta and is a big plain of lush green grass. There are some villages around it. It is a stopping point for the trekkers of Tungnath-Chandrashila. Bird watching can be done from here.

Kanchula Korak Musk Deer Sanctuary:

This sanctuary is located along the Chopta-Gopeshwar road, about 7 km from Chopta. It covers an area of 5 square kilometers. Musk deer can be seen here, apart from this, various rare varieties of flowers are also present here. This lush green sanctuary remains like this throughout the year. If you are interested in wildlife, then definitely go here. The ticket for this sanctuary is only 50 rupees.

3. How to reach Chopta?

Since there is no direct bus from Delhi to Chopta. Because of this, you have to first book a bus from Delhi to Dehradun, Rishikesh, Devprayag, Srinagar, or Haridwar. Wherever you find the bus, you can book it. From the bus stand where you landed, book another bus to Ukhimath. Once you reach Ukhimath, you will find many local taxis to Chopta. You can book a bus from the online portal of Uttarakhand or Uttar Pradesh. The starting price will range from Rs 390 to Rs 410. If you want to update a little, you can book tickets for the Janrath bus. Janrath bus ticket will cost Rs 549. You book a bus from Delhi to Haridwar.

Haridwar to Chopta:

From Haridwar, you have to take another bus to Kund and from there you can reach Chopta. The fare from Haridwar to Kund is Rs.300. After that from here, you can go to Chopta in a shared taxi whose fare is Rs 70.

4. Where to Stay

You will find many guest houses to stay in Chopta. Their price starts from Rs 500. You will also find good resorts around it. The price of those resorts starts from Rs 1200. The dhabas present here also provide dormitory services, where you can enjoy the weekend in a bed for Rs 200.

Let’s see how much you spent during this time-

Bus booking – Rs 1700 (to and fro)

Local transport – Rs 140 (to and fro)

Guesthouse – Rs 500

Ticket price in Sanctuary – Rs 50

Food and drink– You will get a plate in Chopta for just Rs 100.

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