Want to Buy Leather Handbags? How to Identify the Real

Want to Buy Leather Handbags? How to Identify the Real

There is no doubt that handbags for women have become a fashion statement along with essential items. Nowadays, there are many types of handbag options in the market. Despite having many varieties, leather handbags are very popular among women even today. Leather handbags give a classy and decent look to women, due to which women are more attracted towards leather purses. Although things made of genuine leather are expensive it gives you a royal feel. Due to the high price of genuine leather, duplicate leather has also started selling a lot in the market. This duplicate leather is also called faux leather.

The question must also come to your mind that how to identify genuine leather? What is the quality of genuine leather? How many types are these? What is the cost of genuine leather handbags? Today, through this article, we will give you answers to all these questions that in which ways you can buy the right and good leather handbag.

1. Texture

The biggest difference between genuine and fake leather is the pattern. We all know that genuine leather is made of animal skin. For this reason, the elasticity of genuine leather is very high. Finishing is also very good in handbags made from it, whereas you will not get this finishing in fake leather. Fake leather costs less to prepare, due to which it is available cheaper in the market. On the other hand, genuine leather has to go through a lot of processes in making, due to which it is expensive.

2. Smell Identifies Genuine Leather

Recognizing the smell of a handbag is very important if you want to identify genuine leather. Genuine leather is made from animal skin, due to which it smells of animal skin. Whereas fake leather is made of plastic, due to which the smell of plastic comes from it.

3. Identify the Pattern

There are many types of patterns available in genuine leather. This pattern is similar to that of human skin. In these patterns, we start seeing marks like cracks, shrinkage. Sometimes stains are also visible in genuine leather, whereas no such thing is visible in fake leather. (It will be easy on the trip if you choose the right travel bags)

4. Color

Rub it a bit to identify the genuine leather. When rubbed, it becomes light red in color and marks appear on it. When it is folded, a change in its color is also visible. Along with this, folds also start appearing. On the other hand, when the fake leather is folded, it does not bend and if it is folded more then its fibers start breaking. In such a situation, fibers start appearing on the handbag.

5. Take Care of the Finishing of the Bag

Whenever you buy a handbag, take special care that its finishing should not be too sharp. Most women opt for shiny-looking products, but this should never be done because genuine leather items do not have such a good finish. This is because the skin of a real animal is thicker and not uniformly thinner. Because of this, handbags made of genuine leather are a bit hard. On the other hand, fake synthetic leather is more shiny and smooth.

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