What Are The Different Types of Air Purifiers

What Are The Different Types of Air Purifiers

Looking for Different Types of Air Purifiers. Then you must see this, Pollutants including smoke from tobacco, timber burning, and cooking; gases from cleansing merchandise and constructing materials; dirt mites; mold; and puppy dander all make a contribution to dangerous indoor surroundings which have unwell results on human fitness.
Fine debris 10 micrometers in diameter or smaller, inclusive of the ones observed in dirt and smoke, are particularly a situation due to the fact they are able to discover their manner deep into the lungs. Breathing in debris for simply hours or days is sufficient to irritate lungs and reason bronchial allergies assaults, and has been connected to coronary heart assaults in humans with coronary heart disease.

Different Types of Air Purifiers

There are various technologies that air purifiers use to combat indoor air pollution. Some work better than others. Some are bad for your health.

Mechanical Filter

Pleated Filter The air purifier uses a fan to pump air into a dense mesh of fine fibers that trap particles. The very fine mesh filter is a HEPA filter, which is certified to capture 99.97 percent of particles of a particular size (0.3 microns in diameter) (such as smoke and paint pigments).

HEPA filter

The HEPA can also remove large particles such as dust, pollen, and mold spores when floating in the air. Note that some filters labeled “HEPA Type” or “HEPA like” have not been certified to meet the requirements of true HEPA filters, but may work well in testing. give me.

Activated Carbon Filter

Instead of trapping particles like the mechanical filter, the adsorption filter uses activated carbon. This allows the air to adsorb molecules that cause odors. It can also fight some gases, but it is not particularly effective against formaldehyde, ammonia, or nitrogen oxides. To avoid fighting particulate matter, many air purifiers include both activated carbon filters and pleated filters to capture particulate matter.

Some other less known Types of Air Purifiers

Ozone Generator Air Purifiers

These machines produce ozone, a molecule that can react with specific pollutants to change its chemical composition. Ozone is associated with decreased lung function and an increased risk of throat irritation, coughing, chest pain, and lung tissue inflammation. Ozone can also exacerbate asthma, emphysema, and bronchitis.

Electronic Air Purifier 

Electrostatic precipitators and ionizers charge particles in the air and attach them to mechanical plates or nearby surfaces by magnetic attraction.

Ultraviolet Sterilization (UVGI) Air Purifiers

Manufacturers claim that air purifiers use UV lamps to kill spores of viruses, bacteria, and fungi in the air, but some bacteria and mold spores are still UV. Resistant to radiation. To be effective, the UV light should be strong enough and the exposure time should be long enough (minutes to hours instead of the seconds typical of most UVGI portable air purifiers).

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