What is handball game and how many players on each side??

What is handball game and how many players on each side??

The handball game was first played in the German country in 1917. This game is one of the oldest games in Germany. In this game, a team will attempt to score a goal with the ball using their hands. A team with a goalkeeper consists of 7 players in total. The game consists of 2 rounds of 30 minutes each, and the team that scores more wins the match. that scores more will win the match.

Rules of playing Handball-

Two teams of seven players will try to do a Goal or oppose the other team for not doing a goal. Here, are some basic rules for playing handball-

  1. The goalkeeper can only stop the ball from the goal.
  2. The ball cannot touch the ground for more than half a second.
  3. The team can throw the ball in any direction.
  4. The team may make a free throw without expired time.
  5. You cannot use any opposing equipment.
  6. A team cannot directly oppose a team person, you must bowl for the goal.


The game team is playing is decided within the rules and the whole team is placed according to the goalkeeper.

Whereas the goalkeeper can only oppose the goal of the team in front. A central person plays the game in his position as the team’s central man in front of the goalkeeper. Persons from the other team receive their positions according to the central person, two teammates are to the left and the other two team persons will receive their positions to the right of the central person. Both teams focus on a goal using only their hands.

Both teams have permission to have 5 extra team players on benches.


IHF (International Handball Federation) is organize the whole tournament on the International level. Tournaments of Handball are organizing according to the odd numbers every two years. The name Club Teams is given by Organization (IHF) to the both teams.. This game is playing on the Pan American Games.

This game is most popular in European countries, France, Germany, Norway, Russia, Denmark.

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