When Going Gets Tough, The Cook Comes In!

When Going Gets Tough, The Cook Comes In!

Due to politically and socially changing scenarios and jam-packed schedules, we, today are eating increasingly less healthy food than ever. Hectic & exhausting lifestyle & commitments have made cooking a chore which is often avoided by most people. However as the old saying goes, Health is Wealth, meaning, health should be given prime importance.

The best way to compensate for this is to Hire A Cook. This will ensure you have access to wholesome home-made food despite having absolutely zero free time.

The markets are filled with cooks who are happy to make your daily meals. However, each family has its own set of requirements and needs when it comes to their daily diet.  It is best to hire someone who knows your kind of cuisine or taste.

This task can sometimes be daunting. And so, here we are at your service! Here, we’ll discuss How To Hire A Good Cook. Just keep on reading we’ll be discussing a few points. Keep them in mind while hiring a cook.

So, let’s begin!

Things To Keep In Mind While Hiring A Cook

Work Experience

The best cooks are the ones who are versatile and know different cuisines. Now, to achieve versatility, it takes time & years of working experience. Find a cook who has worked before at certain homes. Also, it’s good to take feedback from the place where he has worked before. Ask about the quality, nature, etc.


Are you away from your home? Are you missing your homemade authentic Daal Roti? If so, Indian cities are among the most cosmopolitan in the world, so you will never be far away from a specialty cook who will dish out your favorite food taking you, momentarily at least, back to the comfort of your hometown. Just ask the right questions about the cuisines.

Health Awareness

Make sure that, your cook knows the amount of oil you like to be used in your meal. You might want spices to be added to your meal, only on special occasions. Or, You might like to have less sweet tea than what people have usually. You might have your reasons. Do let your cook know these things. Professional cooks are strict with hygiene and know techniques to create simple everyday favorites with health-related adjustments.

Financial Agreement

Make sure you have established the salary that your cook will be expecting from you but also discuss the scenarios for leaves. The said salary should be deducted for additional leaves. It may sound harsh but it’s fair. There has to be a common ground. It will also reduce the possibility of your cook coming up with excuses and leaving you hungry. However, some valid & unavoidable reasons should be dealt with. One such possible scenario is when the cook is unwell.

Where To Find?

OVX India is one of India’s Largest Upcoming Online Marketplace which you can access from just about anywhere. Just Log on to OVX India & search for Home Cooks. The page will take you to a place where a list of people willing to offer their Home Cooking Services is shown. Choose out the options that best suits you. Also, keep what we’ve discussed in mind.

It’s that simple!

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