Why Should You Buy a PC when You Already Have a Mobile Phone?

Why Should You Buy a PC when You Already Have a Mobile Phone?

India is a developing country but we are quite advanced when it comes to adopting modern technologies. Our youth owns a lot of modern gadgets and never lags behind when it comes to owning newer technologies. This has resulted in the rapid growth of consumerism in India. The companies are taking advantage of this to design advertisements and promotional campaigns that encourage the youth to buy more and more products.

The youngsters generally fall for such marketing tactics and end up buying things that they don’t even need. This also results in peer pressure among friends and colleagues. However, we must admit that you are quite smart or otherwise you won’t be reading this article. It is good that you wish to evaluate the whole situation before spending your money. Such a positive and practical attitude will certainly reap great results in the future.

How to Decide?

Now, let us evaluate whether you actually need a PC or not. For this, we will give you certain conditions and you have to decide by thinking whether it would be a case in favor of buying a PC or against it. Use a paper and pen and write “Should I Buy a PC?” on top. Put a ‘tick’ every time you think that it is one of the reasons to buy a PC for and put a ‘cross’ every time it does not stand as a strong enough reason.

Mobile Could be Enough

As the title of this article suggests, there are a lot of things that you can do from mobile so there is no point in wasting a lot of money just to buy a PC. However, the work that you do must be a crucial deciding factor. You should figure out whether you will be comfortable doing that work on a PC or a mobile. The point is if you do not have any heavy usage, mobile is more than enough for you but if you have to do a lot of typing and other work, you just need a PC.

For example,

Things like sending and receiving emails could be done on a mobile phone but editing or creating certain documents should be done on a PC. You can do it on a mobile phone if there are one or two files but more than that will not be comfortable.

You know whether to put a ‘tick’ or a ‘cross’.


If you need a PC merely for the purpose of entertainment, we suggest you buy a big television screen instead. It would be more useful for this purpose. If you have a shortage of funds, then purchasing a PC would be nothing more than a total waste of money. Mobile could be more efficient for the purpose of entertainment.

The biggest benefit of using a mobile phone is that it is quite handy and highly portable. Apart from that, you can watch things alone if you want to. If you are concerned about the audio quality, you can connect speakers to your TV as well as your mobile phone so that is hardly an argument.

You should definitely put a ‘cross’ on this one.


If you wish to invest in a laptop PC just because you think it is portable, then you must consider that your mobile phone is not only portable but also very handy. A Laptop is good if you wish to show things off but you just can’t carry it everywhere. Initially, you will take it to your college and a few other places but after a few days, it will remain at home.

Besides, how many people do you think, carry a laptop to a party? In the case of a computer system, it is not portable at all.

You should definitely put a ‘cross’ here.


You can do all the studies in the world on your mobile and it is not even strenuous. In fact, in most of the cases, studying on the mobile is better than that on a PC. However, if you have to make projects and notes, a PC is highly recommended.

You know whether to tick or cross.

There are many such criteria that could be applicable in your case. Make your own list and put a tick or cross. If you have 40% ticks, you should buy a PC. If not, you know what to do. If you get enough ticks but do not have enough budget, OVX India has the best solution for you. Explore a wide range of second-hand or used PC on our website at www.ovxindia.co and buy the one that is best for you.

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