Why Should You Sell Your Used Products on OVX India Instead of OLX?

Why Should You Sell Your Used Products on OVX India Instead of OLX?

OLX is one of the famous websites and mobile applications that rapidly captured the market of used products. It soon became a household name in India and thousands of gigs are placed every day on this platform. This leads to a simple question:

When OLX is so famous then why should you place your gigs on OVX India?

Well, the answer is simple. A large number of selling orders on OLX is the only reason that you should stay away from it. Are you still confused? Let us discuss it in terms of an example. Just suppose that you wish to sell a mobile phone.

You will log on to OLX and will happily create a profile. Once you place the gig, you will start waiting for buyers. However, when you search from a different browser for mobile phones in your area, your gig does not even show on the first few pages. It is lost among the many mobile phones offered for sale.

There is no doubt about the fact that OLX is a well-known brand but fame is pointless if you can’t sell anything. However, with an even broader perspective and goals, OVX India is an innovative and revolutionary startup that will solve this problem easily.

OVX India is a fresh platform and there are not as many sellers on our website as on OLX. Let us have a look at all the reasons to start using our website:

Your Gig Will be Visible

As already discussed, there are not too many sellers in every category on OVX India. Therefore, the number of gigs in every category is also limited. This directly means that if you post a listing properly, there are high chances that your gig will rank on top.

It is obvious that buyers might not click on every gig but they always check the first few gigs. Your gig might get overlooked by many on OLX but every buyer on our website will be able to see your listing. The visibility factor will be highly beneficial for you. The more visible your product is the higher the chances of selling it.

The Demand for Goods is Much Higher than the Supply

Another reason for the sellers to be on OVX India is the ever-rising demands for several products. The demands are high but the supply is limited because there are not many sellers. So, if you want to sell something faster and get the cash, you will not get a better opportunity than this. All you have to do is:

Log on to our website at www.ovxindia.co.

  • Create your account on our site.
  • List your product. (Make sure to upload the pictures in which your product is clearly visible and the description contains all the specifications of the product.
  • Chat with the buyers and answer their queries.
  • Choose a buyer and decide on a meeting point.
  • Meet and sell your product.

Follow these simple steps and your product will be sold before you know it. Just remember, whatever you wish to sell there are buyers on OVX India who wish to purchase it.

A Lot of Buyers Will Click on Your Product

No matters what you are selling and in which category does it fall; your product will be viewed by many buyers. Less competition means that your gig will be visible to all the buyers. This will give you the opportunity to sell more.

There is a simple explanation for this. When you post a gig and it is visible to all the buyers, there are chances that 90% of the buyers will click on your product. They will look at all the pictures and the description. If they like what you put up there, your product will be sold even before you know it.

There are a Large Number of Genuine Buyers

Our advertisement technique is quite different from the leading classified companies. We pay more attention to attracting buyers on our website. The products and services are advertised in such a manner that the genuine buyers always log on to our website and make a purchase. In addition, a large number of buyers are also beneficial for our sellers.

There are rare chances that you might come across a user who does not really want to buy anything and just wants to pass the time. You may talk to them if you want to but we will suggest you focus on the users who are more interested in the item you are selling. In fact, you will have a shortage of time while responding to all the queries. So, better save your time for that.

Effective Support Team

Our support team is efficiently trained to tackle any situation. Whether you are facing any issue or have any questions to ask, do not shy away from asking for their help. They are always there to help you.

There are many more benefits of selling on our site. We want you to experience them first and then tell us all about it. Go and start selling on OVX India and make money.

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