You Should Also Know How to Clean the Eyes According to Ayurveda

You Should Also Know How to Clean the Eyes According to Ayurveda

Well, if you are asked what do you do to clean your eyes, then what can be your answer? Maybe you say that sometimes I clean it with normal water, sometimes I clean it with lukewarm water. But, if you are told that according to Ayurveda there can be a different process of clean the eyes, then what will be your answer?

Before Cleaning the Eyes

These tips should not be followed by those people whose eyes are more sensitive or are already troubled by any other eye disease. In such a situation, if your eyes are sensitive or there is some problem, then you should also avoid adopting these tips.

Ingredients for Cleaning Eyes:

  • About two to three spoons of Triphala Powder.
  • Filter water about three to four cups.

Make a Mixer

First of all, boil Triphala in water and leave it like this overnight. The next day, filter the water thoroughly one or two times with a clean cloth and keep it in a vessel. After this, clean the eyes by soaking a muslin cloth in this mixture. After cleaning one eye, clean the other eye as well.

About the Benefits

This keeps the eyes fine and you will feel good too. Apart from this, this eyewash helps in improving eye health and can also reduce eye strain and inflammation. However, you are urged to consult a doctor before following these tips.

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